5 thoughts on “TRAILER

  1. I think this should be aired on History channel and National Geographic. Another option would be Public Broadcasting Network. I would love to see this shown around the country.

  2. Thank you for making this documentary. I will buy it and show it to friends. The truth needs to be out once and for all! I’m very excited about Kent Nerburn ‘ s book being made into a full length film. I hope it will get wide distrabution. I will look out for it. Kent is a wonderful author!

  3. God bless n God Please Help the Natives! Give them back ALL that belongs to them…. their land, their lives, their respect, their Joy, their families, their family histories n traditional ways… and then Lord, please let them take pity on “the others” once more – to teach them to live n peace & love, with one another, with nature, and with You, Yourself Father God…
    Wado, thank you
    Honestly, that’s all I can ask

  4. Is this a trailer for a movie? Would like to see it in our Jacob Burns Theatre, (I have no contacts, just know they play lots of documentaries. Much to short a video for the issues. Tragic treatment of Native Americans. It are you who have the phrase about thinking in terms of 7 generations, so many wise visions. If there is a newsletter email or webpage with current info, place me on your mailing list. Thank you. I regret that so many of you are mistreated and have abused and that so many others are so horrendously greedy. Thank you for sharing.

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